During my recent Artifact Fishing spree, I was tired of looting the silly Skrog Toenails (and subsequently getting attacked by random murlocs), so I decided to make a little addon that would filter out those items when I was looting. Thus, kLootFilter was born.

Curse Addon Page

It's a pretty simple addon, but handy in a few situations.

A) You want an easy way to prevent yourself from looting any particular items (or conversely, ensure you only loot certain items).

or B) You don't want to alter what you loot at all, but you want to speed up the looting animation/process.


  • Specify filtered items in a simple drag and drop interface.
  • Filtered items can be used as a blacklist (default), where all other items except those that are filtered are looted.
  • Alternatively, filtered items can be used as a whitelist, in which all items that are not filtered are ignored.
  • Dramatically speeds up looting compared to standard built-in Auto Loot speed.
  • Optionally output a message when kLootFilter ignores an item due to filtering.